• Sample Submission Form

    If you're submitting multiple samples with different sample identifications, using our submission form may help.

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  • Schedule a Collection

    Schedule a sample collection with one of our soil scientists. Ask us about our current travel rates.

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    Free Soil Health Hotline

    Alluvial Soil Lab launched a Free Soil Health Hotline to give gardeners, farmers, and landscape professionals access to our soil experts. Our hotline is available from Monday to Friday 8am-4pm PST.

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  • Compost Producers in California

    Collection of compost producers and certifiers in California 2023

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Rebates and incentives for regenerative stewardship of your land

We've compiled a list of programs that could fund your efforts to be a good earth steward! Check back often as new programs are added more and more frequently.

  • EQIP & CSP

    Landowners in all 50 states can apply for funding to implement regenerative practices like planting monarch habitat, cover cropping, or even creating beaver dams.

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  • Save Our Water

    The State of California will pay homeowners $2 per square foot to make backyards water-friendly.

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  • Zero Foodprint

    Financial incentives for carbon sequestration for projects that sequester over 1 tons of carbon.

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Land regeneration and vegetation management through grazing

Grazing your property with goats and sheep is an ecological method of biomass management, fire prevention, soil-improvement, and carbon-fixation.

Match Graze

Matchgraze.com is a website where homeowners can find local livestock to graze their property.

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How to Take a Soil Sample

Properly collected soil samples enable us to optimize plant health and prevent environmental degradation. The reliability of these samples directly influences sustainable land management practices, ensuring a harmonious balance between productivity and ecological well-being.