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Discover popular soil testing options covering essential aspects like soil health, nutrient analysis, chemistry, and heavy metal assessments.

Advanced Tests

Explore advanced soil testing services tailored to diverse garden, agricultural, environmental needs.

Herbicide/Pesticide Tests

Explore herbicide and pesticide screening for residues like Glyphosate (Roundup) and other contaminants affecting soil health.

Soil Sample Collection Kits

Proudly made in california

Collect and send samples with ease. Cultivate a thriving and eco-friendly lawn, garden, and landscape using the most precise and user-friendly professional soil testing kit available.

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  • 1. Order Kit

    Order sampling kit with preferred test type.

  • 2. Take Sample

    Fill sample bag with three cups of soil.

  • 3. Mail Kit

    Use pre-paid USPS return label to send sample.

  • 4. Get Results

    Results will be emailed to you with recommendations.

  • 5. Amend Soil

    Apply amendments to your soil.

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