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Soil Sampling Kit

Soil Sampling Kit

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Sampling Instructions

Sampling methods differ depending on what type of test is being done. Sampling instructions can be found in each test page under the 'Sampling instructions?' tab. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (831) 216-1367

Included in kit

Kit includes:
(1) Sampling bag
(1) Pre-paid USPS return label
(1) Instructions
(1) ID label

Please purchase your desired soil test on Soil Tests page prior to sending sample. Purchase of testing not included.

Understand before you cultivate | Cultivate a thriving and eco-friendly lawn, garden, and landscape using the most precise and user-friendly professional soil testing kit available.

Evidence-based outcomes | In contrast to household pH meters and testing strips, our lab analysis, accessible through mail-in service, assessesĀ a wide diversity of soil testing options.

Suitable for every growing scenario | Suitable for testing any soil type and gardening situation, whether it's for lawns and turf, vegetable gardens, flowers, compost, trees, vines, ornamental landscapes, houseplants, soil-less media, or hydroponics.

Comprehensive Testing Options | Basic Soil Health Test, Full Chemistry Test, Complete Soil Health Test, MWELO Soil Management Report, Lead, Heavy Metals, Plant Tissue, Compost, Texture, Substrate, Soil Microbes, Petroleum Residue, Herbicide Screening, Pesticide Screening, Glyphosate Screening, Carbon Sequestration.Ā 

Included in the package | A single-use soil sample kit containing all necessary materials, clear instructions, a prepaid mailing envelope addressed to our testing lab, and dedicated customer support at (831) 216-1367.

Eliminate guesswork | Receive online results, along with customized recommendations with organic amendments. Learn how to efficiently enhance your soil for sustainable and optimal plant growth.

Located in California | Our soil testing services are based in the diverse and vibrant state of California. Nestled in this region known for its varied landscapes and climates, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that local gardeners, farmers, and landscaping enthusiasts face.Ā 


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    • Wilson H.

      I recently started a garden at a community plot, and wanted to know what was in my soil, so I could make more targeted amendments. Jake walked me through how to do so, and after sending my samples in...(read more)

    • Noah M.

      As a professional in the field I very much appreciate the timely and detailed report, along with skilled follow up communications. I will certainly use Alluvial Soil Lab's services again.

    • PSA C

      I recently moved to a property with a vineyard, and wanted to know what type of fertilizers to use and how much to apply. So I did a soil test. I was new to soil testing and with Jake's help and instructions, I was able to successfully collectā€¦(read more)

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