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Tree and Vine Cover Crop Mix (lb)

Tree and Vine Cover Crop Mix (lb)

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New Zealand White Clover, a low-growing leguminous cover crop, offers a range of benefits to trees and grape vines. Its robust root system improves soil structure, enhancing water infiltration and nutrient availability. The nitrogen-fixing properties of this clover enrich the soil, providing essential nutrients for the growth of your plants. Additionally, the dense ground cover provided by New Zealand White Clover suppresses weed growth, reducing competition for resources.

Strawberry Clover, another nitrogen-fixing legume in the blend, further promotes soil health. As a deep-rooted cover crop, it aids in soil aeration, supporting healthy root growth in your trees and vines. Its ability to attract beneficial insects contributes to a balanced ecosystem, assisting with natural pest control.

  • Apply 5-15 pounds per acre.
  • Inoculant: None needed, is nitrocoated.
  • Custom blend. Minimum 50 pounds per acre.

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  • Wilson H.

    I recently started a garden at a community plot, and wanted to know what was in my soil, so I could make more targeted amendments. Jake walked me through how to do so, and after sending my samples in...(read more)

  • Noah M.

    As a professional in the field I very much appreciate the timely and detailed report, along with skilled follow up communications. I will certainly use Alluvial Soil Lab's services again.

  • PSA C

    I recently moved to a property with a vineyard, and wanted to know what type of fertilizers to use and how much to apply. So I did a soil test. I was new to soil testing and with Jake's help and instructions, I was able to successfully collect…(read more)

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