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High Carbon Mix (lb)

High Carbon Mix (lb)

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Peaceful Valley High Carbon Mix — a specifically formulated blend designed to enhance soil health and promote high carbon sequestration.

Oats and Faba Beans contribute to the mix's high carbon potential through their vigorous growth and extensive root systems. These cover crops capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and sequester it into the soil, enhancing soil organic matter content and promoting long-term carbon storage.

Triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye, further enriches the mix with its exceptional carbon capture capabilities. This versatile cover crop efficiently absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and deposits it into the soil, augmenting soil carbon levels and enhancing overall soil fertility.

Biomaster Peas and Beardless Wheat, both leguminous cover crops, aid in increasing soil carbon content through nitrogen fixation. These crops establish symbiotic relationships with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for plants. As they decompose, they enrich the soil with organic matter, bolstering carbon sequestration.

  • Apply 100-130 pounds per acre.
  • Raw seed requires inoculant for best results. See Garden Combination Mix Inoculant.
  • Custom blend. Minimum 50 pounds per order.

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  • Wilson H.

    Verified Purchase ✓

    I recently started a garden at a community plot, and wanted to know what was in my soil, so I could make more targeted amendments. Jake walked me through how to do so, and after sending my samples in... (read more)

  • Noah M.

    Verified Purchase ✓

    As a professional in the field I very much appreciate the timely and detailed report, along with skilled follow up communications. I will certainly use Alluvial Soil Lab's services again.

  • Zakary S.

    Verified Purchase ✓

    Great support and detailed report. Helped advise what options we had to plant trees! Plants are doing incredible!(read more)

  • Peggy C.

    Verified Purchase ✓

    I recently moved to a property with a vineyard, and wanted to know what type of fertilizers to use and how much to apply. So I did a soil test. I was new to soil testing and with Jake's help and instructions, I was able to successfully collect… (read more)

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