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Dryland Erosion Fire Recovery Mix Nitrocoated (lb)

Dryland Erosion Fire Recovery Mix Nitrocoated (lb)

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Use this mix to help control erosion, especially good for areas affected by wildfires. The ryegrass and brome are fast germinating annual grasses that will protect the soil surface by quickly developing shallow, fibrous root systems for holding soils in place.

The fast germinating legumes will fix nitrogen which will improve the soil. They also add diversity to the plant community, add protein to the feed quality of the annual range plants, provide flowers for pollinators and will increase water percolation with their deeper root systems.

Contains the following seeds: Intermediate ryegrass, Annual ryegrass, Blando brome, Hykon rose clover, Balansa clover, Persian clover, Losa subclover, and Vetch.

Plant October thru November at 30-35 lbs/acre or 1 lb/1000 sq ft. Note: clovers in the mix are nitrocoated.

If possible the seed should be buried lightly, no more than a quarter inch, but it can rest on the soil surface if rain is imminent. Broadcasting over loose ash and allowing the rain to incorporate the seed works well, if the ash is loose. If the ash has formed a crust, some incorporation should be attempted. Straw or hay can also be used to cover the seed, especially in very steep places.

The mix in general will be fast growing until temperatures decline, then the plants will stay alive until spring temperatures come, still doing their primary duty of protecting the soil surface. Major growth will occur in late March, April and May. Once established (2” inches or more tall) this mix will take frosty conditions and light freezes but above the snow line it may not emerge until spring time, or plants that have emerged may die if not covered with snow all winter.

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